Bluefield GIS, Inc.

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Bluefield GIS, Inc. produces professional grade mobile mapping software easy and intuitive enough for anyone to begin using it right away. We are proud of our unique technology, the cornerstone of which is the drawing engine. The drawing engine is made up of a set of core algorithms which together allow free-hand notes to be made anywhere in the map at any scale. This drawing engine is found in our two mobile apps, Bluefield Incidents and Draw Maps (Draw Maps is offered on two platforms, ArcGIS and Apple Maps).

This image shows Draw Maps version 1.1 from 2019 with only three color pencils, a graphite pencil, and a yellow highlighter. No additional colors. No art pens. No map pins. No photos. No exporting to KML. No collaborating. Just basic drawing in a map free-hand or with a stencil. That was how we started.

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