Bluefield Incidents

Keep everybody on the same page as events unfold.

Point out important details in each photo using free-hand tools like pens and highlighters.

Take more notes right on the map alongside perspective photos and map pins.

Watch information from all the users in the field coalesce in the ArcGIS Online Web App as events unfold.

From the field, choose from recent incident numbers or create a new one. Then immediately begin taking photos and notes.


Bluefield Incidents makes your emergency team on the ground as responsive as possible when seconds count.

Bluefield Incidents for ArcGIS gives you the same simple drawing and note-taking capabilities found in our popular app, Draw Maps for ArcGIS. Bluefield Incidents adds functionality specific to emergency management and incident management settings. 


For a new incident, staff members on the scene can make notes on the map which are shared with each other automatically as the notes are being made. This gets critical information during an active incident in progress to each other as well as those in the office (using the ArcGIS Online Web App). Bluefield Incidents makes the team better in numerous ways during an emergency.

Forward Information

Bluefield Incidents also serves as a great reporting mechanism. Forward the information directly to people who need it. Send copies of the map to anyone with Draw Maps (either Draw Maps: Map Notes or Draw Maps for ArcGIS, both of which are free downloads on the App Store). Alternatively, send copies in KML format to anyone with Google Earth.


Bluefield Incidents gives you color pens and pencils to make sketches and take notes anywhere in the map. Add photos from different angles of the incident scene showing multiple perspectives. Take notes on each photo similar to the way notes are taken in the map. Add map pins to show important locations. Move around and zoom to different scales as you draw.


Recommended use cases

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