Draw Maps for ArcGIS




Draw Maps for ArcGIS gives you color pencils and a highlighter to make sketches and take notes anywhere in the map. Think of the whole world as being your sketch pad. Move around and zoom to different scales as you draw. Collaborate with others on one map in near real-time (multi-user notes). Share your maps with friends and business associates.

  • Draw and highlight in the map
  • 72 Colors
  • Use the stencil to draw perfect shapes or labels
  • Join collaborations hosted in web maps that are Draw Maps enabled
  • Join public collaborations in sponsored maps for free (still requires ArcGIS Online Sign In)
  • Create documents on the device and draw using any web map or basemap as your background
  • Send images of your map drawings to other people
  • Make as many maps and join as many collaborations as you like
  • Ready for Apple Pencil on iPad Pro

Your field notes are instantly available for collaboration using your ArcGIS Online Named User account.

Simple. Because the job isn't.

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